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Constance & Alex

The feeling of not being able to live without someone is part of being in love. It’s the feeling that you couldn’t cope with life without them in it, and it’s a very strong feeling, and a moment of clarity when you realise this is the case. It usually doesn’t happen all at once, but… Read More

Vicky & Chee Yeong

The power of love. When you are sharing love with another it feels like you can light up the entire earth with it, that’s how amazing it is. That’s not just lip service but real emotions that are felt when the connection is strong enough between two people. One heart may be able to light… Read More

Fusion Weddings | Hewmun & John

I have been blessed with the privilege of witness and captured fusion wedding or cross-culture wedding celebration. For those do not familiar what’s fusion weddings. The bride and groom are from a different culture/different part of the worlds, both falls in love with each other and decided together walk through the rest of their life…. Read More