How to make your pre-wedding photoshoot personalized?

A pre-wedding photoshoot has become a must in a wedding, it signifies the love between a couples. The first thing come into the couples’ mind when they think of wedding is the pre-wedding photoshoot. The question is how to make your pre-wedding photoshoot worth of it? A pre-wedding photoshoot can be memorable and personalize and not just a photoshoot session if you plan it and make it in your way.





1. Theme
A photo album without a theme may be in a mess. Thus, you need to have a theme for your pre-wedding photo album. A theme may bring out the love story between you and your fiancé, and it will make your photo album looked more interesting. Some years later your marriage, you can recall the memories with these albums or series of photos.
So, what is a theme? A casual travel style, fairy tales, gorgeous, city life, fresh and etc. With these themes, you can decide your outfit, accessories, shoes etc. For example, if you choose to have a free and casual travel styles, you can wear simple and casual or little dress instead of full bride gown.

2. Destination
Where do you wish to have your photograph session? First you need to think, indoor or outdoor?
Nowadays, people tends to choose an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot. The popular places are London, Paris, Italy, Taiwan, Korea etc. However, there are actually a lot of beautiful and nice countries and places such as Venice (Italy), Lugano & Lucerne (Switzerland), Prague (Czech Republic), Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherland), Croatia and many others.
If you think an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot exceeds your budget, you can choose local places. There are a lot of beautiful places in Malaysia that you never realize their existing. You can have a great photo outcome even in Malaysia!
After you choose your destination, you may need to do some research on it like weathers, places etc. in that particular place.

3. Photograph, Make-Up Artist
A pre-wedding photo-shooting without a good photographer and make-up artist is just like a table without legs. What defines a good photographer and make-up artist? His/her work!
The only tips for you to find a photographer and make-up artist who are suitable for you is – choose the one whose work is what you want.

So, what are you waiting for now? Let’s plan your own pre-wedding photoshoot and make it worth for it!