Kids portrait – Keeps it simple

“Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind.” So simple, yet so powerful. Being silly allows you to remain joyful and happy with yourself and life. Being honest means that people will trust you, behaviours and be kind creates harmonious relationships. These three behaviours are where I found when photograph kids, they are just being simple and… Read More

Life of a day | Engagement portrait

“Where there is love there is life”… It means where you find the love you will definitely find life. Some may even say that love and life are the same or probably life is just an extension of love or vice versa. I extremely agree with this, one life can be meaningful with love. What… Read More

Star Wars Birthday

For the past two years, I had the privilege to witness and capture the family life event of the Chin family. Lucas boy turn 6 this year and I’m again being appointed to photograph his Star Wars theme birthday party at The Jungle Gym Play Land, Atria Mall. Always grateful with the opportunity of able… Read More

Since 2014

We believe every single stage of our life is precious, and each defining moment should be recorded and cherished even ten years later. Since 2014, we own the privilege to record these precious memories from tie the knot of Eric and Yan Yee, later the maternity portrait and now we’ve the new family member in… Read More

Light & Portrait 1.0 – UCSI University

Light & Portrait 1.0 photography workshop in UCSI University We’re back to school! Shared our humble journey and to discover next talent who own the passion like us celestial! Conducted by our Chief Photographer Shanghwan Model makeup & style by Cheng

The love from Cambodia

Destination Pre-wedding Portraiture of Vandy & Tze hong. Destination: Pulau Pinang, Malaysia Art Director & Photographer: Shanghwan Professional Makeup Artist: Cheng Bride dress: Tailor-made from Cambodia Gear: Sony A7II & Metz Flash We had the opportunities to spend two days with vandy and tze hong the love from Cambodia to Pulau Pinang for their destination… Read More

Wedding Portrait – Monochrome

I do know that planning a wedding isn’t easy task and now I personally experience how my client felt at the moment, part of it is the wedding portrait. After 6 years of relationship, we decided to have something meaningful. Both of us love simplicity and I personally love black and white, that’s how “Monochrome”… Read More

Sharing your happiness

Happiness is more valuable when shared, that is for sure. Your family deserves your happiness and happy times are the best when shared with family. Happiness with your family comes in the form of hugs, jokes, good times, great meals, fun experiences and so much more. Go share some happiness with your family today. We… Read More

Michelle & Louis

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. Everyone want to be happy, and our own happiness is paramount, but when you find yourself wishing happiness on another, even more so than yourself, you discover that you really love them. It may be startling when you first… Read More